And just like that, it’s New York Fashion Week! Fashion Week in Feburary isn’t you’re ordinary NYFW, I mean sure, you encounter the same thrills of shows, presentations, dinner parties, and of course the after parties as you do in September.. But OH how this undeniable bitterness creeps its way through your schedule in the form of WINTER! Don’t let these photos fool you, these where taken outside of Madison Square Garden before the YEEZY3 Show in the THICK of a 2 degree wind chill. I pretty much put my life on the line here, but anything for the shot, right? But of course, as savage as the weather was that day, I managed to survive. You fight on.

THE LOOK : My favorite detail from this look was the choker and the styling of the button down. The c hoker was actually a “DIY moment” that I had back in September during Milan Fashion Week. I have a vintage Moschino jacket with ties on both wrists of the sleeves, (they look like miniature belts to be honest) so I had the brilliant idea to use it as a choker, and it worked! The button down had the potential to look boring and lost in the chaos of overly dramatic ensembles of fellow show-goers, so styling was going to be key. I played around with it, overlapped layers, crisscrossed and tucked, and completely manipulated the garment. And I definitely liked the end result. IMG_7422 IMG_7700 IMG_7702 IMG_7701 IMG_7703

Sunglasses : Celine | White Button Down : Helmut Lang | Leather Skirt : Vintage | Leather Pant : Helmut Lang | (Faux) Fur : Vintage | Heels : Zara


photos and videos by @allens_eyes

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