A Fall Tribute: Central Park

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This southern girl hasn’t seen this much orange since a Texas Longhorn game!

Fall, you’re such a show-off, the way you blanket an entire 778 acres of land, with your beautiful and vibrant fall colors. The leaves were on fire.

Every year, 37 million visitors travel from all around the world to step into a live Thomas Kinkade painting. Crowds of people walk beneath arching canopies of pumpkin like leaves, to the sounds of saxophone music notes filling the air, as people find comfort in the warmth of their cups of coffee.

Theres a bittersweet feeling to capturing fall in its full splendor; the delight of reproducing brilliant colors in a photo mixed with much anxiety as the reality sets in that in a short time.. all of it will become just a preserved memory.

The love affair may be over, but come next September, I’ll be waiting.


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