A Fall Tribute: Green Market

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Goodbye fall season.

Its been an absolute pleasure getting to finally meet you as a local, outside of movies such as ‘You’ve Got Mail’ when Meg Ryan shopped her local green market in the fall, as she so deliciously took a bite out of that red apple that I still dream of till this day, or in the movie ‘When Harry Met Sally’ when Harry and Sally would go on so-called “friend” dates in their neighborhood – also taking place at their greenmarket in the fall. I finally got to experience this for myself. Minus the dates, unless you consider my Canon an attractive male, then yes, absolutely.

My dear sweet Fall, thank you for the smiles you brought to the many faces of locals old and new, as we caught up with neighbors and met the folks who’ve been growing and raising our food for years. You gave us that cool crisp air so we could religiously spend our weekends shopping the market for everything from orchard grown fruits and berries, beautiful flowers, to locally grown specialty produce. Lets not forget the gorgeous selection of pumpkins that were ripe for the carving and ready for displaying.

More than anything, Fall, thank you for breaking me away from the typical “Hey, Im a New Yorker and the ONLY thing allowed to clothe my body is all-black-everything.. preferably leather” mindset – and into my favorite pair of ¬†brown (GASP!) rugged fall boots (side note:: there’s nothing like the sound of freshly fallen leaves crunching beneath your boots) paired with my favorite olive green knitted Rag & Bone sweater. I was looking’ good for fall, y’all!

So, cheers to my first Fall as a local in the city! Let us all raise our Pumpkin Spice lattes…. wait, too late for that. You know Starbucks, they don’t waste any time snatching Fall drinks from you and handing you a Peppermint Mocha. But man, that does sound pretty good too, though.

miss you already.

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