NYFW Day Three! So, what was on the agenda for this day? Oh, the Alexander Wang show, a presentation, and a dinner meeting at The Mercer before heading to a fashion week party. What WASN’T on the agenda for this day? Oh, just the forecast being at casual low of 12 degrees and an intense high of- Oh, God help! But don’t worry readers, my natural instincts kicked in and I decided to channel my inner Leonardo DiCaprio from The Revenant. You know the scene.. when his character went into complete survival mode and clothed himself using the help of a grizzly bear for warmth. Too graphic?

Well, to keep this look less “frontiersman lost in the wilderness”, and more fashion week appropriate, I took cover in a white vintage fur coat. But that’s not all, I threw on a black denim ball-cap, my new favorite wide leg pants, suede sneakers with a cool white sole (because I’m 28 and my feet are sore) and THE leather moto jacket that I can’t survive this life without.


A quick snap in between shows before arriving to set of The Revenant. I wasn’t ready.


Ended day 3 at my favorite Fashion Week party of the season. DIESEL knows how to party. Tucked away on the upper East Side in a mansion-like venue. Three levels with a full on menu of music for everyone. Rapper, Travis Scott performing in one room, Joe Jonas leading his band in another, a jazz band serenading cocktail sipping lovers, a DJ serving music to dancing machines in the next room, and neon instilations greeting you at ever corner. Wish you were there!


Denim Hat : East Village Boutique | Fur Coat : Vintage (Paris find) | Moto Jacket : IRO | Cashmere Turtleneck : Helmut Lang | Wide Leg Pant : Helmut Lang | Suede Sneaker : Helmut Lang


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